Inspired in part by Polyvore and my own inspiration woes, I recently decided to create my own fashion inspiration journal, complete with collages and musings of all sorts.  It was the perfect opportunity to dig through my collection of Teen Vogues (over two years worth!) and snip out some serious inspiration.  Here is the result, and well as how you can create your own!

Materials needed: scissors, blank journal/sketchbook, glue stick (preferred) or tape

1. Snip out some inspiration from magazines, books...really the options are endless!  Make sure that there is one common theme throughout and don't forget to cut out some words or phrases.

2. Assemble the "backdrop" of the journal.  That is, find some interesting graphics that would make a nice background for your actual collage.  I chose a somewhat psychedelic shoe pattern and one of Nina Garcia's features, both from Marie Claire. 

3. Assemble what you want to be on top of the "backdrop."  These can really be anything - models, clothing pieces, celebrities, shoes..

4. Tape or glue down and voila! Your own customized fashion journal is complete! Now it is your turn to create collages of your own making on the blank pages in the inside.
I was very satisfied with my results and thought that the cover is the perfect compilation of my style dreams...and, yes, I included Marina of Marina and the Diamonds on it!!!

I hope you enjoyed and maybe make a collage journal of your own! It doesn't take too long and making collages is such a fun and creative outlet for your ~imagination~