Thanks to my ever-present refusal to spend money coupled with an endless pit of tests, my clothing collection has been fairly lackluster, plagued with last season's shorts, tank tops, and style.   I was getting sick of wearing the same uniform lately; alas, a change was needed.

That was when I saw this tie-dye romper, last worn in June.  I have been in particular need of tops for winter, and just as I was about to sink into another style rut, I spied this romper clinging onto a hanger in the corner of my closet.  The rest is history.

Ok, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. But rediscovering past garments and remaking them is like seeing an old friend after 3 years: after a bit of adjusting and catching up, they're as good as new! To make this romper feel new again, I simply added some black basics to make it more winter appropriate.  This slightly sheer sweater was perfectly paired underneath, as it added enough coverage but not too much.  Same goes for this brilliant shift skirt; it shows just the right amount of leg while still providing that school-girl vibe that I love.  I added my favorite (and only) pair of knee-high Dr. Martens to add the perfect amount of grunge to the look.  The braids incorporated the school-girl vibe once again.  The final look? Wednesday Addams meets the Olsen twins.  I am in love.