I have not seen true sunlight in weeks. Due partly to the grotesque weather that has spanned Chicago for the past five months and partly to my utter addiction to Parks & Recreation, I have never voluntarily chosen to go outside.  As a result, my wardrobe has been in unsound shape for what seems like forever, plagued by repeated outfits, drab colors and utter despair.  Alas, a change was needed.

That change came in the form of spring break, and I traveled somewhere where the weather was actually worthy of being labeled "spring".  Five days later, my wardrobe was completely refreshed, and here's an outfit to prove it.

{TOP: Forever 21, SWEATER: Forever 21, SKIRT: H&M,  BOOTS: Asos}

Cheers to good weather (and a good pair of boots to stomp around in)!


P.S. Sorry for the two month gap between posts! More to come x