BOMB SQUAD (styling bomber jackets 2x)

I knew it was true love when I found myself googling "Bomb puns" at 6:52 pm on a Thursday night...

I have never pegged myself as an outerwear aficionado.  Shoes? Definitely.  A good pair of patterned pants? Sure.  An embellished Chanel bomber jacket? I would have been indifferent.  That is, until I actually tried said garment on.  And soon discovered that it was four dollars.

Little did I know that it was then that my outerwear craze would first emerge, soon traversing into an innumerable collection of coats and jackets clutching onto their respective hangers.  Suffice it to say, I have a problem.  But it is not entirely a bad one.

 [TOP: Urban Outfitters Surplus, JACKET: Thrifted, SKIRT: Forever 21, SHOES: Dr. Martens]

[TOP: Topshop, JEANS: Levi's (thrifted), SHOES: Adidas (thrifted), JACKET: Express (thrifted)]

Cheers to quenching your obsession (and staying warm at the same time)!