The changing of the seasons is one of my favorite times of the year, but inevitably one of the hardest to dress for.  Between unpredictable temperatures and, well, the fact that school starts once again (so long, sleep!), figuring out what to wear can be a difficult feat.  Here I have compiled a few of my head-to-toe essentials for the in-between season.  


HALTER NECK TOPS - perfectly paired with high-waisted bottoms (see below).

A good collection of basic, high quality tops and sweaters is essential.  For more versatility, pick pieces in neutral hues and simple shapes.  Patterned statement shirts are also a good option to add a kick into your outfit.  I like to keep mine in the same neutral color scheme.

PATTERNED BLOUSE - Look familiar

SILKY T-SHIRTS - Pair with whatever fits your liking. Done.

GREY SWEATER (no longer available) - No matter the weather, no matter the place...
a warm and cozy sweater will get you there (this sounds like an airline ad).


NEUTRAL JEANS - Need (ha) I say more?
There's no doubt about it: pants are necessary in colder climates.  Pick well-fitting pairs in neutral shades for increased versatility.  I also love a good pair of patterned pants for the perfect unexpected detail.

Another option is shorts -- they are ideal for that kind of hot, in-between weather.  An added bonus? You can wear them over sheer tights for a more appropriate look in colder weather.

FAUX LEATHER SHORTS - A cheaper take on the classic leather shorts.


Shoes are by far my favorite fall investment.  If they're black and leather, then I probably have them (yes, I did go through a creepers phase).   My must haves? Durable Dr. Martens, simple black slides and buckled oxford-esque flats.  Perhaps the only thing missing is the perfect pair of black boots. The search continues...


Though I would not consider it a necessity, nail polish is the perfect addition to any fall look.  Urban Outfitter's 'Lone Star' is a particular favorite of mine; it has added the perfect punch to my largely monochromatic ensembles.

As for accessories, a bag of some sort is necessary.  I like to look for versatility and durability, particularly if it is to be used for school. 

AMERICAN APPAREL BAG - Beat-up for good reason, this bag perfectly complements
any look.
Cheers to new beginnings!