2014: the year of innovative beauty, eclectic new musical talent and (of course) some pretty major fashion.  Is it terrible that I'm already feeling nostalgic?

* FIN DE L'ANÉE = end of the year 
** Another favorite of the year is the app duelingo, in which I am wholeheartedly attempting to parler français.

It is weird to think what one was like a mere year ago.  It is even weirder to think what one was like two or three years ago (I, for one, have gone through some pretty outrageous style evolutions--platform creepers and high-waisted faux leather leggings included).  But change is inevitably the result of time so, like the many other prospects life throws at us, might as well celebrate it in the form of sparkly metallic poppers and a six ton falling ball.

With that being said, 2014 was a pretty great year.  It brought us a fresh batch of musical talent, a fresh take on pre-existing trends, and some pretty fresh sushi.  Here is a conglomeration of all the things I enjoyed this year--some of which will hopefully be carried into 2015.   Cheers!

2014 has been one of my favorite years for fashion thus far--pegged by many as the year of the ugly (aka pretty darn comfortable).

Norm core has run rampant for much of the year, and items such as Birkenstocks, Adidas originals and mom jeans were seen on runways and streets alike throughout the seasons.  

In the latter half of the year, things got more luxe.  The 60s (turtlenecks, faux fur, mod prints and silhouettes) have had a huge presence in fall/winter fashion, and the trend is predicted to continue into spring.  

Much like in fashion, it seems that the "weird" have been especially celebrated in music this past year.  Artists/groups like Lorde, FKA Twigs, Beach House and Blood Orange have been particular sources of inspiration for me for their innate originality (and incredible style).

As for beauty, the brand Glossier that was founded by Into the Gloss's Emily Weiss pretty much sums it up: glowing skin, little makeup, personality.  Their packaging is just as cute as their Instagram, maintaining a pared-down look synonymous with the brand itself.  And the fact that all the products come with stickers (one of which is sticking to my phone as we speak) makes it even better.  

Besides Glossier, I have been liking Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray--a dry shampoo meets beach spray that really packs the punch (and can be brushed out if you pack a little bit too much punch).   

I also have been apparently loving spur of the moment chops, as I cut three inches off my hair at 6:30am one particularly uninspiring winter morning.

The surprising thing is not that I did it but that it actually turned out looking great.