Purchasing a plant is a pretty large undertaking for someone who managed to kill three succulents in the span of three weeks. 

House plants have long been looked down upon as creatures of corporate offices and suburban carpeted basements.  But, like most other things today, what was once considered undesirable or ugly is now making a comeback in a very major way.   Many previously barren spaces are now adorned with plants of varying shapes and sizes, creating an urban garden of sorts, even in the deadest of winter.

I picked up my White Bird of Paradise at Ikea about a week ago, with little to no intention of it surviving, let alone looking good in my bedroom.  (Though, somewhat unsurprisingly, the hardest part of caring for it so far has been carrying it through three feet of snow.)  However, I knew it would become an integral part of the space when I placed it in the corner, atop a mini sherpa rug (also Ikea) and next to my full-length mirror.  It instantly transformed the room, adding a much-needed pop of color and serving as the perfect minimal-meets-bohemian accessory.  

My look is the result of extreme wishful thinking.   I have been layering different tops (turtlenecks particularly) underneath this very versatile black dress for a few weeks now, and have fallen in love with how easily the dress can be transformed.  As for the slides, they are an indoor (soon to be outdoor) no-brainer.  Easy.

Wearing: Topshop t-shirt (similar Forever 21 shift dress | Zara slides
Pictured: Marshall headphones, The Gentlewoman magazine (really wonderful!)

Here's to hoping it won't be dead in a matter of days!