For the second installment of TSP's "cool girl feature" (the first of which talked with Lisa Williams, founder of Lisa Says Gah!), it's Belle Kröl--a creative/art director who has worked with the likes of Vogue Uk, Grazia Italia, Daily Telegraph, WGSN and--most recently--Glossier (more on this later).

Read on to discover what it's like living in both Buenos Aires and NYC and what some of her favorite projects to work on have been (hint: they involve Kate Moss).

Q: Have you always aspired to work in fashion?

A: Not really. I was always a very image-driven and artistic girl when growing up. One thing led to another. In my illustrations, I always focused a lot in details, clothes, colors and faces..

Q: What was it like breaking into the industry?  Do you have any advice regarding that?

AIt’s pretty difficult to be honest, maybe not to be in it, but to be able to make a career. My advice is to be passionate. It’s a very tough one and there’s so many people that do what you do or would love your job so they will be fighting you for it. You have to be sure of who you are, try to learn from everyone and be humble. Starting from the bottom, it’s not [as] cliché as it sounds.


Q: What is your favorite project that you have worked on?

AWorking with Glossier lately, which open a whole new world for me. But honestly, I love my styling/art direction jobs back in Buenos Aires, I’m a proud mamma… I had a great team when I worked there so we made pretty amazing content.

Q: How do you think forms of social media like instagram have influenced your work?

AA LOT! I was 18 when it all exploded, got my blog, connections, that’s all you need.
Q: As you bounce between the two, what would you say are the main similarities/differences between Buenos Aires and NYC regarding the fashion/art industries? Do you prefer one over the other?

AI prefer NYC for almost everything, although I miss my family and some things like Mate, or the accent and jokes from my friends. But I balance it by coming and going regularly.

They are pretty similar in the sense of how tough they are, they can chew you up and spit you [out] and you have to be strong and keep going. I’ll retire to the countryside one day, if I ever do.

Fashion wise, New York is the mega, all is here, everyone is here. Argentina has good professionals, amazing talent, but unfortunately the field of opportunity is very small, and you can reach your "roof" very easily--at least, that’s my story.