I've been on the verge of having a unibrow for a good portion of my life. Akin to others blessed with similarly thick, bushy, wirey brows, commentary consisted of my relatives begging me never to touch them and my friends looking the other way when I sported the soon-to-be unibrow, neon braces, small brown glasses and my signature knee-high Converse boots, all at the same time. (Maybe the sprouting hairs between my eyebrows weren't the worst of my troubles.) 
But, alas, I followed my family's sage advice and resisted the urge to tweeze, pluck, wax or thread my eyebrows (at least, for a while). Then came the rise of thin, arched brows; after reading about the importance of the "face-framing" brow and arch, I was convinced that mine were somehow defunct, that by removing a few select hairs I could transform my beauty identity. After a few select hairs turned into chunks, I knew I was done messing with them. Long live the unibrow.
Enter Glossier. You've probably heard the name before and, if you know me, you've seen their stickers adorning basically everything I own. Though their Instagram-launched line has previously been known for perfecting real life beauty through a series of basic products aimed at achieving a glowy canvas that enhances what you already have, they have since expanded into the land of brows with BOY BROW, a pomade-inspired, all-in-one gel that grooms, thickens, and fills, in a few small strokes. The formula is available in three semi-sheer colors, delivering face-framing coverage that still looks natural. Swipe up and outwards to enhance your brows' face-framing properties, or focus on those center "sprouts" to create more dimension--because, let's face it, good brows don't have to be hard.

[Models (from left to right @ top picture): Sam, Georgia, Ruby]
* products were provided by Glossier but all opinions are my own