A ripped bed sheet and a sudden obsession 
with cropped white blouses: it was inevitable.

I don't know when or why it happened, but it seems as if everyone suddenly has a cropped white blouse: kind of baggy and hitting just at or above the ribcage, often frilled or ruched to give the perfect nod to beer maidens or renaissance fairs. Perhaps Australian label (and it-girl favorite) DAISY is to blame; perhaps a general fascination with vintage and thrifted clothing in the fashion industry ethos. But, one thing is sure: these tops are a look.

It was only a matter of time before I forayed into the style and, while there were contenders a many on Etsy and Ebay that were a tenth of the price of these designer renditions, I never found myself actually doing the deed: the twenty or so dollars seemed steep for a top that might be a fleeting addition to my wardrobe. But when I was faced with an exorbitant amount of similar fabric from a ripped fitted bed sheet, inspiration hit. Below, a how to.

- flat white bed sheet with elasticated ends
- safety pins (or, if you sew, a needle and thread)
- a tape measure & pencil if you want to be precise
- dedication to the look

  1. Measure your chest, mark this measurement on the fitted sheet and cut a segment out with the elastic @ the top. Keep it as long as a regular shirt.
  2. Cut a piece of elastic from another part of the sheet that's about as long as the elastic at the top of your segment. Set this aside.
  3. Wrap this segment around your chest and safety pin it a few times at the opening. You can either keep it open in the back (what I did) or close it by way of sewing, a lace-up structure or more safety pins.
  4. Flip the shirt back around so it's forwards. Take the loose strip of elastic and tie it around your waist; flip it around and poof up the blouse accordingly (see below). You're done!

The beauty in this project is that it's a bit unfinished and thus super customizable. Sick of the length? Take off the bottom elastic band and adjust accordingly. Too simple? Sew in some ribbon at the top or bottom elastic hems. Want a different silhouette? Add some elastic straps at the top. Rather than getting sick of and immediately discarding a piece like this, you can just change it to your liking. A worthwhile project, indeed.